And Transformers fans rejoice across the globe… or where they were able to order from resellers with payment plans or had enough money to pay upfront.

Thank you Zing/EB Games for allowing preorder down payment and can pay it off over the next 18+ months or in full once shipped in 2021. That helped me immensely.

I can’t wait!

Cometh the Chaosbringer…

Skool Tiez Project Begins

Sneak peek at one of my projects I’m working on. Think River City Rampage/Streets of Rage but set in a post apocalyptic high school. 🤣👌 Just laying shapes and layout down for the cover.

I will add more over in my “Projects” section soon.

This is an update to an actual comic book I designed while I still in early high school. So this will be a lot of fun just to go a little balls to the wall with a mature eye on it now. Maybe I’ll dig out some of those old designs and compare once I’ve done this cover.