Uncle Chunt

Who is Uncle Chunt?

2015. When Chunt met Phil Spencer – Head of Xbox.

– Aussie.
– Budding comic book creator.
– Drawing streamer.
– Body transformation in progress.
– Talking head.
– Gamer.
– Xbox life.
– Met Phil Spencer
– DC Comics fan.
– Gears of War fan.
– Transformers War for Cybertron toy collector.
– Power Rangers MegaForce Red and Power Rangers Zeo Gold Ranger fan.
– Gia, MegaForce Yellow is my Ranger crush.
– Broly became the most interesting Dragon Ball character in 2018.
– Thanos has a point.
– #releastthesnydercut
– Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut are masterpiece cinema.
– Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider is a more compelling Spider-Man.