Uncle Chunt

Bring Back The Duke Controller For Xbox One – #BringBackTheDuke

I address Xbox, Microsoft and Phil Spencer.

I call out to you as a fan of your product and to tell you basically all my gaming and media have been played through your consoles. Original Xbox. Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I put to you the opportunity to thank us long time hardcore Xbox fans by releasing a special edition #TheDuke controller for the Xbox One. It’s my favourite controller next to the Xbox One’s. I know there are a lot of fans out there that would put money down for one.

Announcing my campaign. Right here. Right now. #bringbacktheduke

If you want to join me just use that hashtag on all the social networks and lets make this happen. Its a brilliant piece of Xbox history valid to be relived.

CLICK HERE – to join the movement! 😀

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