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End of March Already? WHAT..?

I woke up this morning to an odd sensation and realisation.

Slipknots Heretic Anthem comes to mind as I check the timer at 5:55am. Slept through my first alarm. Scald myself in the shower. Knock over some stuff in the cupboard trying to get to my porridge. Spilled my morning porridge. Stuck my hand into the ceiling fan getting dressed for work. Holy shit, what a start to a Monday.



I then had a moment of slight disbelief: It’s March 31st. Already! This year is just zooming by. I’ve noticed as I get older that the days and months go faster, which is actually a scientific fact that our perception of time skews as we get older. Days seem shorter as opposed to when we were younger where the days seemed endless. It’s all to do with our developing mind constantly growing and learning where as our older matured brain is more tempered and developed. Google it and you’ll find a very interesting read.


Anyway, April is nigh and what have we to show for it? Well, not much in retrospect relative to the amount of hours we have each day. Mind you, 8 of those hours are spent at work daily, then another 8 sleeping so there goes 16 hours a day. So the remaining 8 you ask? Well I’ve been spending it studying, resubmitting assessments, going to the gym, trying to relax, focusing on myself and my relationship with my girlfriend.

It’s times when you realise we are almost 4 months into the year when you sit up and think about what you’ve done so far and would you could be doing. It doesn’t hurt to ask yourself every morning or at the start of the week, “What am I going to do for myself today?”. This works both ways personally and for others as it’s all to do with you at the end of the day. If it’s doing things you love or doing something for someone else, either way it’s something you want to do.

I live quite simply. My daily goals are along the lines of making sure I go to work for a start, go to the gym, play a video game, read a new comic book I’ve recently bought, doodle some sketches, organise my iTunes, clean up my computer folders, work on an assignment and so on and so on. At least if I’ve done some of these each day then I feel good about have I’ve spent my time. I would love those 8 work hours to focus on my own projects and such but alas I too need to pay bills and put food on the table. So what little time I have I need to utilize it well so even if it’s 1 hour or 2 hours on a project every couple of days is better than none at all.

Now, it’s time to get back to sitting on my 27″ iMac staring at my Facebook feed for hours.

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