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NINJA TURTLE FACES! Why everyone should accept change.

Okay guys, hold it together! We have a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out this year.

Yes Michael Bay is producing it, key word being “producing” so you can chill out even further, he is NOT directing the film.

Yes, somehow Megan Fox made it back into a Bay project after calling him a Nazi and being fired from the Transformers franchise. I’m thinking she let Michael Bay play with Megan’s box. (Geddit?)

Moving on. Enter: Internet Warriors. It was inevitable with any new release of footage or information for a beloved franchise and the internet feels compelled to voice its uneducated hate and haste filled opinions. I have voiced my opinion at length regarding Internet Warriors, for those who aren’t savvy read my thoughts with THIS.

I for one am keen as mustard to check this new TMNT movie out. Watch the trailer for yourself.

Now I don’t know about you but to me, this looks like a lot of fun and kick arse stuff.

I know most of you are pissing in buckets because you can’t handle the fact “THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE THEY USED TO IN THE OLD MOVIES”. Well just get over it. Just leave all your negative crap at the door, go see the damned movie and enjoy it for what it is. The first proper TMNT movie in over a decade. Be glad you’re getting one at all. I like the direction they’re taking. Maybe the ooze that created them is laced with human DNA so they look more human, like a Super Solider project but with animals? Who knows? It’s exciting to see what they’re going to do. However as you notice in the trailer there’s no indiction yet if Master Splinter will be appearing. Also the guy that is playing Shredder isn’t Japanese. It also seems that April’s father and Shredder are in cohorts together wanting to making some kind of “heroes”. In any case, I’m pretty pumped for this.

See below some awesome photoshopping someone has done to show you what they would look like with the old school beaks compared to their new looks. See what you think. They both look cool and the nostalgic side of me likes the older beak style of what we’re getting now but hell, I’m still cool with it.

Click here to view my YouTube video where I go into more detail: http://youtu.be/wsmThNzwHfE

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