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Have you ever seen people that just do things that give you the shits. Have you noticed others act as if they’re in their own world without a care for others around them? Well I have noticed this by an increasing factor of late and I can’t explain it. It’s not like I’m going around looking for it on purpose.

Whether it be:

– People cutting me off during conversations while I’m in the middle of a sentence.
– When in the merging road lane and no one is letting you in.
– People walking at a cows pace in the shopping centre like a heard of fat cows.
– People consistently parking in disabled parking spots.
– People breaking technology just be using it and when I mean breaking it I mean doing stuff that is not easy to do yet they manage to ruin their computer or phone somehow. Almost as though they destroy the thing just by turning it on.
– People over taking me even though I’m driving spot on the speed limit.
– Helping someone and not even getting a simple thank you.
– A bunch of people yapping in a straight line at the shops and making everyone else walk around them.
– Stupid little sluts talking and giggling in the cinema during a movie.
– Again, people who feel compelled to make stupid remarks during a movie at the cinema like they feel everyone needs to hear about the reaction they just had from something their stupid receptors were fed from on screen events.
– People not thinking before they speak and they don’t realise what they’ve said is inconsiderate, offensive, insensitive and just plain rude even if it doesn’t affect me at all.
– Someone telling me that your opinion is wrong.
– Being belittled because I don’t like something that they do.
– Again, being belittled for liking something someone else doesn’t.
– Jerks at the gym all socializing hogging all the equipment. Use it and move on so the rest of us can use it!
– Being criticized for the decisions I’ve made even if I’m happier for it.
– Again, being criticized for doing things that make me happy.
– Being made to feel stupid because I don’t want to do something.
– Watching the news or catching a headline on line about how truly fucked this world is.
– Reading comments on YouTube, Facebook and even on News websites and being reminded how fucking stupid, uneducated and just how mundane people are. (read my article on Internet Warriors for more on that.)
– Turning on the TV or checking the latest news updates on line after not checking in for a couple of weeks and still being bombarded with the same garbage as last time. Famous people being famous who are completely undeserving and abusing their position in the world.


Look, I know I could keep listing thing out. I know this also make me look like a massive scrooge, so I don’t want to hear any “Get over it, Chunt. You giant bastard.”. These are my thoughts and feelings. I am convinced this world is screwed and I only need to go outside into said world and people never fail to remind me of this. I need only to turn on the TV and notice that a stupid slut can be a train wreck and get world wide attention and hear nothing about a group of scientists who’ve collected space particles that could hold elements from the birth of our universe. I need only drive down to my local shopping complex and see someone park in a disabled park and proceed to get out and walk to the alcohol store. I need only to drive to the beach one weekend at the speed limit and continue to be overtaken by fucking retards who seem to have a problem with me abiding by the limit or being stuck behind me so they’d rather risk their own lives and their passengers. This and more it becomes overwhelming at times.

It is no wonder I would rather stay at home and play video games or watch movies. Or chill out on my iMac fixing up my iTunes cover art. Or have an afternoon in doing some doodling. Or focus on my collection of statues and toys. Make a YouTube video every so often. I don’t watch TV and haven’t done for years (my girlfriend likes to watch TV so I often see what’s on or hear it in the background). At the beginning of this rant I mentioned how much people who are off in their own worlds piss me off, well it seems over the years I’ve gradually become happy within my own little world. However the difference being I am aware of how my actions may affect others around me and never wish harm on anyone.

So if there’s anyone out there who reads this who can relate, just know you’re not the only one. You’re not alone. To those who are reading this and are oblivious to the fact they are one of the many in this world that give people the shits, please do everyone a favour and wake up to yourself.

Ah. Yes. FYI, I do feel better now.

– Chunt

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