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The Swagman Chronicles: Concept Art Pt 1

Hey guys!

Here with another update and I promised you all some concept art for an upcoming project and here we are!

This is all from a project called “The Swagman Chronicles”. It’s set in a post apocalyptic Australia about a wonderer in search of his past. For those of you unfamiliar on what a Swagman actually is, here is some information:

swagman (also called a swaggiesundowner or tussocker) is an old Australian and New Zealand term describing an underclass of transient temporary workers, who travelled by foot from farm to farm carrying the traditional swag (bedroll). Also characteristic of swagman attire was a hat strung with corks to ward off flies.

Particularly during the Depression of the 1890s and the Great Depression of the 1930s, unemployed men travelled the rural areas of Australia on foot, their few meagre possessions rolled up and carried in their swag. Typically, they would seek work in farms and towns they travelled through, and in many cases the farmers, if no permanent work was available, would provide food and shelter in return for some menial task.

I am taking a futuristic approach to this Australian iconic figure and pitting him into a dangerous, ruthless setting. It is just him and his companion, Scruff. Scruff is a mutated Koala. Yes you read right. No longer is he stuck in eucalypus trees munching away until it’s bed time, he’s a feisty, fierce creature who is befriended by The Swagman along the way.

That’s all the tease I will let onto for now. I hope you will enjoy this project as much if not more than me! 😀

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

– Chunt

“The Swagman. The Tussocker. The Sundowner. He goes by many names. He walks a lonely path to discover who he is and his place in this torn and scarred world”

Concept-Poster_1 Scruff-Concept swagman-sketch-watermark Sruff-Swagman

2 thoughts on “The Swagman Chronicles: Concept Art Pt 1

  1. TJ

    Sounds like he’d fit in perfectly into Marrienne de Pierres’ ‘Parrish Plessis’ series.

    Also, is there anything he’s wondering about specifically? Or is it just a vauge sort of ‘wonder while he wanders’ thing? :p

    1. chunt Post author

      Haha You could be right there 😛 It would be an honour to say the least. Hopefully I can get the graphic novel happening coming up and get to work. Well how about this: I’m going to vague and its vagueness and not give much away for now. 😛

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