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Upcoming Projects: Keeping a good Chunt busy

Hey guys,

Just to update you on what’s going through my blurry brain:

I am currently setting up a plan to release more content each week to you all regarding upcoming projects, plans, life updates and everything Chuntastic!

Keep an eye on a priority project at present called The Swagman Chronicles. This is my take on a classic Australian cultural icon in history, turning it into a post-apocalyptic story within an Australian setting. Check this link www.theswagmanchronicles.com for a teaser image on what to expect.

Another project in the pipe line is Ozalea. This is yet again riffing off something else Australian. This concept is about using our iconic Australian animals and using them in an action cartoon/comic book feel. Think Ninja Turtles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Thundercats. I will be posting some concept sketches up soon.

A third project in the pipeline is Guardian of Onar. This is something I have been working on and reworking for about 6 years but just haven’t nailed it down. This project is me putting my love of super heros and comic books to use. If you like your “galaxy far, far away” stories and super heroes than you’ll dig this. Again more to come in future.

I have a lot of ideas and so little time to dedicate to them all, let alone all at once. I will also be dedicating some time to post at least weekly videos to my Youtube Channel with topics varying from Pop Culture, gaming, movies, collectables and more. Remember you can also catch me co-hosting a weekly podcast at www.novastreamgames.com.au.

It sounds like I’m keeping myself busy, or well at least planning to. I will be balancing all this around my studies and working life so I’m going to make an asserted effort to make this work.

I’m really hoping you all enjoy my work and efforts as it will really spur me on to bring you more and to complete these projects. Looking forward to sharing with you very soon!

– Chunt

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