Uncle Chunt


Wowww. A lot has changed since I’ve updated this site. I almost don’t know where to begin.

We’re all in such an “interesting” place right now. My once creative hub room has since been converted to my work place. So I find myself not wanting to spend time in here to create anything after working 8hrs in these walls doing IT Help Desk.

So yes, that’s taken a hit to my Youtube videos and my social presence. But we’re all in the same boat. I just wake my days thankful and blessed for what I have. That I still have a job. A job I can do from home. I have very little to complain about and I know that. Still…

I have creative needs and wants that aren’t being achieved here. For anyone that comments on anything I upload on any of my socials and interacts – I thank you. I haven’t had much at all in regards to physical human interaction since we all got told to work from home and we can’t see friends and family. Most of which live interstate from me. So borders are still closed. It will be some time before I can make or receive visits. Look at me. I’m writing as if I am a prison. Hm.

Anyway, this weekend some restrictions have lessened. I am going for walks outside and for drives. In 2 months and living cheap on pasta meals and sandwiches, boy have I piled on the weight. Barely fit my office clothes right now. So that’s changing. Kick up the body moving thing.

That goes for the creative outlets. I want to make videos. So I shall. Of late I have been doing a couple of projects with friends. One is “Let’s Talk Games”, which clearly is about games. The other is “Ranty Beards”, basically a movie talk show. So both have keep me in a weekly rotation of creativity and socializing of some sort. It’s been great fun and is really helping a lot. A lot.

I need to do something that is just my own again though. Do I start up “Chuntcast” again and pick up where I left off? Or do I just continue the odd Speed Drawing video? Or both? I have so much time at home these days, why not? This weekend I’ll make the decision.

Enough ranting. Just wanted an update, not War & Peace. I liked this though. Typing it out.

Until next time.

– Chunt