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PokeMon Challenge Google Map Locations


Greetings all my fellow wanna be Pokemon Masters!

As I’m sure you’re aware that Google has updated it’s maps system with a Pokemon Challenge! You need to scour the globe to find as many Pokemans as you can.

With the aid of local rising Pokemon Master in training, TJ of Rule34 fame, we are compiling a list of locations to help in your own search to catch’em all!

Check for more updates as it happens!

Charmander – Sydney Observatory
Meowth – King Street Wharf
Pidgey – King Street Wharf; Towra Point Nature Reserve
Jigglypuff – York Street
Inkay – George Street
Samurott – Docks near Opera House
Chatot – Harbour near Opera House; Taplin Park
Tyranitar – Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Farm Cove
Combee – Farm Cove
Croagunk – NSW State Library
Lotad – Lavender Bay
Umbreon – Sydney Lyric Theater, Pymont Street
Torterra – Victoria Park
Plusle – Redfern Station
Minun – Melville Lane; Bedford Street near the Bank Hotel
Mudkip – Rozelle Bay
Wailord – Rose Bay
Pidove – Shark Bay
Milotic – Bondi Beach
Leafeon – south of Arthur Byne Reserve
Sableye – SE of Botany Dams
Buneary – University of New South Wales-Kensington
Munchlax – Nurses Drive, Randwick
Staraptor – Queens Park; Vivian Street
Grotle – north of Lachlan Swamp
Flareon – Epsom Road
HootHoot – Sydney Airport
Swampert – east of Sydney Park
Metagross – Andreas Street
Kecleon – George Street
Miltank – Orchard Street
Pumpkaboo – Cockatoo Island
Garchomp – Birchgrove Park
Absol – North Shore Private Hospital
Greninja – Mort Bay
Chespin – Millenium Park
Grovyle – Archibald Fountain
Gengar – Dixon Street
Steelix – Central Train Station
Marshtomp – Little Manly Cove
Taillow – cnr Illawarra Road and Addison Road
Haxorus – Taronga Zoo
Quilladin – Boronia Park
Chesnaught – Macquarie Park Cemetery

Audino – Kings Park Botanic Gardens

Taillow – Adelaide Airport

Torterra – Charles Darwin National Park
Staraptor – Darwin International Airport

Sudowoodu – Uluru

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